About Us

Cricket Car Care was an accident. In 2010, CCP founding partner Dave Perry met a scientist who was masterful at creating green car care products: safe for the soil with incomparable cleaning power. He’d been producing these products for a quarter-century, and selling them locally throughout the Midwest to a small but fiercely loyal consumer base. The scientist also invented a gem: a de-icing spray that is both instant and sustainable. Like his other products, he introduced it locally and it sold well. But he had no interest in mass-production for any of his products. Dave Perry did. And he had a vision. So in 2010, Perry partnered with his good friend, former sprint car and NASCAR racer Blake Feese, to create Cricket.

For three full years they studied the competition, and what they learned was a business model based on volume over quality. With time, Perry and Feese realized they continually came back to one specific product — Ice Eater, because it is so different from any other product on the market today. It contains no poisons or hazardous ingredients. It is biodegradable and safe for use on any surface. Ice Eater’s unique “thermal reactive technology” attacks frost and light-ice on contact, improves wiper operation and also works to prevent further windshield freeze.

It just made too much sense to Perry and Feese. So they chose to acquire the Ice Eater formula for mass production, with a completely different business approach – innovative chemistry and quality ingredients, no shortcuts and handshake-as-contract honesty. Focus on the client first. Always. Give them a product that they try once, and never look back.


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