“I keep a bottle in my work van to save time and fuel when there is ice or frost on my windshield. I’ve also found Ice Eater to be useful on doors and other parts that I need to remove ice from before servicing.”


Chris Anderson – Field Supervisor

Ames, IA


“I have worked in the eye care industry as an ophthalmic technician for 15+ years. Over the course of my employment, I have seen injuries occur from chemicals that are in hazardous, poisonous de-icers.


The eye injuries have ranged from severe chemical burns to the cornea to vapor burns which occur by the eye simply being exposed to the chemical fumes.”


Jane Lyon – Ophthalmic Technician


“Simply the easiest way to get ice off the windshield on early mornings. I spend many mornings outside on the river, and this stuff works! This is so much better than scraping ice with an ice scraper”

Tucker Horne – The Fly Fishing Trail

Spruce Pine, NC


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