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Winter frost brings plenty of frustration, and ice storms are even worse. You’re late, your scraper barely works, or you don’t even have a scraper in the car – you don’t have time for this! Ice Eater eliminates the hassle – a quick spray melts frost in seconds! And, unlike other inferior products containing poisonous methanol, Ice Eater is totally surface-safe and biodegradable. Make sure you’ve got a bottle in every vehicle this winter. Great way to ensure your teenager’s winter safety!

Attacks Ice and Frost on Contact!
Melts frost in seconds.
Turns ice into slush for easy removal.
Softens, weakens and melts heavy ice in minutes.
Lubricates and smoothes wiper operation.
Safe for use on all surfaces.

Retards Ice Formation!
Retards and prevents overnight frost.
Creates frost repellent barrier.
Non-hazardous, non-toxic, bio-degradable.

Comes in 20 oz or 1 Gallon Containers.


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